iTunes App promotional codes for the rest of us

Apple’s free (up to 50 per version) iTunes Connect App promotional codes unfortunately are currently for the US store, only. At first I thought this is no big deal, just switch to the US store (at the very bottom of every iTunes page: “Change Country”). However, it is not that easy, as iTunes requires to sign in with an US store count, as soon as you sign in with your non-US (read international) account it would not let you redeem the code.

Some web guides (mostly even from 2009) explain to simply setup an US account, however, iTunes wants an valid US credit card, or PayPal account. The “None” choose for payment method usually does not appear too easily (anymore).

However, the trick is: you have to be in the “App” store part of the US iTunes store, and best click to load a Free App. Only then the new account creation will show to you the “None” payment option.

Apple even has a knowledge base article about this :-) – I just found it by accident after I already had given up on this!

I for myself find this hilarious, why could they not just let anyone redeem their code in their country’s store? Especially as this way they get zillions of ghost US account, just used to redeem free iOS Apps for review, …. Maybe some database access problem with sloppy code, unless they want to artificially increase their US market share numbers – until they have more US accounts than citizens :-)

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