ExactScan 2.8 for Visioneer RoadWarrior, Strobe

At a time, a decade ago, at the advent of Mac OS 8 and 9 there were some pretty popular mobile strobe scanners from Visioneer, named PaperPort Strobe, Pro and Co.

However, Mac driver and support were abandon with Apple’s migration to the all-new, Unix-based Mac OS X. Since then Mac users where left with few choices when it came to mobile (abroad), desk-space-efficient and business card scanners.

Now, the new version 2.8 of ExactScan set of to change everything: among the now over 200 built-in scanner drivers, is support for the popular and convenient Visioneer RoadWarrior, as well as the Xerox Travel Scanner 100! On top of this, the version of ExactScan already supports the just-released Visioneer Strobe 500. A novel feature of the Strobe 500 is the detachable ADF dock: For use abroad, the ADF unit remain on the desk, leaving just the slimmer, mobile scanning unit to travel with you.

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