Lucky things didn’t turn out worse

So recently I mangled my PowerPC G5’s Apple partition map while installing Mac OS X on my Nokia Booklet 3G. Yeah, all this zero-based, one-based, everyone names them different device enumeration, …

So after the Chameleon Master Boot Record hit the Apple Partition Map of the G5, OpenFirmware was not able to read the remaining partition table anymore (I actually should lookup the layout, maybe just some magic was hit, or a backup copy resists somewhere, whatever).

So after about a week without the G5 I thought it would be a good day to install all the OS X flavors, which I need for testing, alongside my Linux, again.

Loading the T2 installable disk, Linux did neither recognize a valid partition table, anymore - however mac-disk still displayed all the 8 partitions just fine. It just wouldn’t save it without changes (at least I found no “forced write, really I mean it, yes I know I have not modified it” switch). So the last partition removed, re-added, re-written (yuck), and all was there again. Yay!

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