A few more days until 64bit NetBooks?

I see “signs” that the any-day-imminent Intel Pineview Atom CPUs (N450, ..) might always ship with EM64T (AMD64, x86-64) “feature bit” enabled (as opposed to the N270, N280 which have this feature bit [silicon fuse’d away, or just microcode?] disabled).

Intel please! The N270 NetBooks with the performance of my 5 year old iBook really aint cutting it, …

Too bad the GMA500 integrated graphic might very well be a Linux show-stopper, until Intel and Imagination Technologies get to act together and either release SPECs or sources.

If vendors would just get to use the VIA Nano or AMD Neo, and not the performance and feature (no 64bit nor VT) stagnation that is the Intel Atom.

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