T2 SDE gains non-Linux kernel support, adds MinGW (Win32)

I guess no-one would expect the first non-Linux kernel support added to the T2 SDE to be Win32 (32 bit Windows), or in our case more precisely MinGW. But that’s how the first bits of non-Linux, alternative kernel support finally found it’s way into the T2 SVN tree. As of T2 r34090 one should be able to get Windows .exe files cross-compiled, and out of T2.

This is just the beginning, basic and preliminary support glue. Of course all of this is new, and will get a little more advanced with other BSD, et al. kernels to be added to T2. Time and contributions will tell.

Of course you can engage ExactCODE for professional software development and support, and this new Win32 bits, as usual.

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