Tip of the week: do not place aluminum in your dishwasher

We where recently flushing some stuff that was lingering in our storage on ebay. One of this was a Mukka Express Cappuccino / Espresso maker. As we wanted to make sure it is really clean when we send it out, we placed it into the dishwasher, which was a major mistake. It came out with the surface corroded, gray and matt, which was due to the maker being made out of aluminum, …

Aluminum with a thin anodized coat usually is not dishwasher safe and can also be permanently damaged! The degree of discoloration depends on the exact aluminum alloy, anodization as well as the alkaline cleaner and the length of the length of contact.

Some materials may be refreshed by additional cleaning with steel wool or an acid cleaner.

Your milage may vary.

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