Microsoft Laptop hunters ads - you get what you pay for

So Microsoft finally got some TV advertisements out of the door that does not suck completely.

However, I like to add: you get what you pay for. Of course a Ferrari is no Mercedes is no Tata Nano (Indian) car. One usually get what one is paying for. And in case of this el-cheapo PC’s it’s a irregularly shaped plastic case, full of least cost hardware, with usually some design glitches (such as at least noisy audio output, up to a just-VGA external video output to the worst case: system bus noise or overheating problems causing medium to long term system stability issues). And you still pay the Microsoft Windows OS software tax, anyway.

On the other hand I even brought PowerPC based Apple computer back in the days, not even to run Mac OS - no, I just required reliable hardware, with superb battery life for my Linux needs. Back in the days the Mac OS (9 and early OS X) discs went into the trash immediately. But bug free, solidly built hardware with suspending to RAM capabilities and up to 5 hours battery life even under Linux was just outstanding back in the days.

And this technical matters aside, I really wonder if another price race to the bottom is in Microsoft’s (and the remaining “PC”/IT industries) interest after the NetB..k and NetTop inflation, …

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