Intel recomments: “Use a recent (Linux) distribution”

Intel released a new, tiny tool named “powertop” that can help to find possibilites to save more power on Linux systems. On the homepage they recommend:

Use a recent distribution
Linux is a fast moving project, with very fast evolving components. If you’re using an older distribution, older than 4 to 6 months (and anything with “Enterprise” in the name is by definition old), please consider going to a newer distribution. Reporting issues on older distributions is going to be frustrating to a lot of people, since the issue is likely to have been fixed more than 6 months ago… Please be considerate of the developers of projects and use a recent codebase and avoid bugging them about issues they solved long ago.

As I could not agree more, here we go: T2 SDE

… with powertop already included.

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